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The Cheapskate's Guide: Extending SP 2010 Functionality

This is what I am presenting at SharePoint Saturday in Richmond VA and the accompanying file packages that go with that talk. There are 13 items total, each of them containing any scripts and resources needed (that I can provide) and a PDF breakdown of what it takes to deploy them. 5 of the 13 use Javascript controls I picked up for cheap from Codecanyon.net, you'll need to grab the control mentioned to get these to work, the others contain all that you need to get running. Drop me a line if you do something cool with one of these or modify them.


The Slides:

The Controls:

  1. Calendar Viewer (free)
  2. Foobar Alerts - $2 Coffees (foobar 2.1)
  3. Tabs – Original (free)
  4. Tabs – Metro (free) (Edit:Published here!)
  5. News Page Rotator - $4 Coffees (Royal Slider 9.4.8)
  6. FAQ (free)
  7. Tabbed Container - $4 Coffees (Zozo Tabs v2.2)
  8. I Want To (free)
  9. Image Rotator - $3 Coffees (jQuery Banner Rotator)
  10. Google RSS Static (free)
  11. Google RSS Scrolling (free)
  12. Snow - $1 Coffee (JSized Snow Effect)
  13. Google maps traffic widget (free)

Other links of note:

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Reader Comments (1)

Had a question about control #7 - "Words from one tab fall on top of other tab if Title is too long. How do I change?"

If you need to use a longer name, adding this line to the zozo.tabs.min.css file made them operate as multi-line for me. Feel free to tweak that line-height value to get it looking good in your page :

.vertical.z-tabs > UL.z-tabs-nav > LI > A.z-link { line-height:15px !important; vertical-align:middle !important; display:table-cell; padding-left:5px;}


March 26, 2013 | Registered CommenterKevin

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