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Banner with Quick Access to Search a SP2010 List

This is a quick piece of script and HTML that I threw together to help make it easier for our users to search a list or library in SharePoint when they were on a view page. Once added to your environment you can add this to the top of any view and it will both display the name of the list in the banner and dynamically set itself up to search the list/library that the hosting view lives on.

There is a search control included in SharePoint but this saved a few steps (clicks) we thought might be critical in getting people to use search more often and it makes for a nice custom banner to boot. With a little tweaking you can further change the banner text, the control's watermark and the banner image. With a few small changes this could also have the scope set to the site instead of a list.

All of the code, images and documentation for deployment is in the accompanying .zip file. Let me know in the comments if you have further suggestions.




Metro-Style Easy Tabs for SharePoint 2010

This is an item I flashed a development iteration of to the group in my Richmond SharePoint Saturday presentation and have since cooked up what is called 'V2' of the effort but is really the first version that I've made available. This approach just simplifies the initial version by making the tile's images all the same, though I did add a dynamic element to the colors. I'm not yet sure if that is a good idea, so I have instructions below to turn that off if you'd like. This is all based on the brilliant client-side Easy Tabs script that I just modified and simplified for the new visual style.

You can deploy these as you would 'normal' Easy Tabs for SP, my instructions for using the original script are here though you'll want the new code as it is not in that package:

Want to kill the random tile colors? Yeah, can't say I blame you...

Edit line #108 in the file from this:

var colorNumber = 1 + Math.floor(Math.random() * 9); // random start 1-9

to this (where the '1' can be any number from 1 to 9) :

var colorNumber = 1;

I may make more versions of this, including one allowing for a single color for the tiles.  Let me know if there is a feature that you might like that I should consider.  I'm not sure yet how to reliably incorporate custom images per tab (that make sense to the tab's context) without the end user editing the script and violating the plug and play goal here.

This version looks like the above screenshot with both a hover effect and a visualization for selected items.  Over-n-out.


The Cheapskate's Guide: Extending SP 2010 Functionality

This is what I am presenting at SharePoint Saturday in Richmond VA and the accompanying file packages that go with that talk. There are 13 items total, each of them containing any scripts and resources needed (that I can provide) and a PDF breakdown of what it takes to deploy them. 5 of the 13 use Javascript controls I picked up for cheap from Codecanyon.net, you'll need to grab the control mentioned to get these to work, the others contain all that you need to get running. Drop me a line if you do something cool with one of these or modify them.


The Slides:

The Controls:

  1. Calendar Viewer (free)
  2. Foobar Alerts - $2 Coffees (foobar 2.1)
  3. Tabs – Original (free)
  4. Tabs – Metro (free) (Edit:Published here!)
  5. News Page Rotator - $4 Coffees (Royal Slider 9.4.8)
  6. FAQ (free)
  7. Tabbed Container - $4 Coffees (Zozo Tabs v2.2)
  8. I Want To (free)
  9. Image Rotator - $3 Coffees (jQuery Banner Rotator)
  10. Google RSS Static (free)
  11. Google RSS Scrolling (free)
  12. Snow - $1 Coffee (JSized Snow Effect)
  13. Google maps traffic widget (free)

Other links of note: