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The Gentleman's Richard - 'The Sophisticated Workplace Dickie'

I'm really excited to finally be able to talk about my first patent and the new business I'm launching today.  I've been working in silence for months building a business plan, landing angel investors and cutting up thousands of shirts until I got it right.  As of today I quit my job, threw another mortgage on the pile and am pursuing this dream full time.  Wish me luck friends!

For years now I've talked about a dickie for the workplace and have finally made my dream a reality.  Gone are the days of a binding oxford-style shirt underneath my sweater, the Gentleman's RichardTM aka 'The Sophisticated Workplace Dickie' is here to save the day and set us free.  Being in the office now feels like I'm running through the Austrian hills, the world my oyster.  Pre-sales to finer men's shops are lining up now, so I have a lot of shirts to butcher.


Here I am showing my Gentleman's Richard both 'raw' (t-shirt optional if you want to go to work in 'wildling' mode) and with the sweater covering.  This setup is accessorized with the 'Faux Cuffs', and stay tuned for the launch of the 'HalfTie - the necktie that you won't have to.'

Business on the outside, party on the inside.

Look like a professional but be ready for fisticuffs. - The Gentleman's Richard

Are you wearing a Gentleman's Richard? - A gentleman never tells...