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HabitRPG - The Gamefication of My Todo List

I have a rotten memory and a job that often has me managing far too many tasks every day than I can keep straight in my head.  Over the years I've developed habits to help mitigate this, I methodically store detailed notes in my wiki and use task trackers.  I've gone through more task trackers over the years than I can really remember, some good, some not good, but the one that I've been using for the last year is my favorite to date.  The fact that I've been using it for a year says a lot about this tool.

It's called HabitRPG and they describe the (free) site/service thusly: 'HabitRPG is an open source habit building program which treats your life like a Role Playing Game. Level up as you succeed, lose HP as you fail, earn money to buy weapons and armor'.

Gear, mounts, pets, classes, spells, potions, parties, guilds, quests, boss fights.  I.  Freaking.  Love.  It. 

I have habits that I track, good and bad, things I should do daily and my running todo list.  When I do things I should, I gain gold and experience which lead to better gear, helpful when I don't do what I should.  Missing items or engaging in behavior I am trying to curb (such as beer on a weekday) makes me take damage.  That happens enough and I die, losing gold and precious gear.  I know, it all sounds ridiculous, but it works, I've stayed engaged with this todo list far more than any before it and have a free, yet real additional incentive to get things done.

I've recently joined a party, where we take on 'boss monsters' as a group.  What this really means is that my achieving my daily goals (or not) helps or hurts the group.  That adds support among this group of (previously) strangers and additional incentive.  You can aslo accept 'quests' created by the community, accepting the challenge to adopt a good habit for a period, and gaining loot if successful. All of these boosts to getting things done are tiny, but are boosts.

HabitRPG was a brilliant idea by Tyler Renelle that I funded on Kickstarter in its infancy and has evolved into a awesome, fun and effective tool for me to stay on target.  Give it a spin and drop me a note if you want to join the party, we could use a mage that does their work on time...

My dashboard and party

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